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Friday, November 18

I’m Back

I know, I know. It has been more than a week since my last post. There have been some difficulties that prevented me from tumblr, I apologize.

Two ethical/moral decisions: 1) in light of recent difficulties and the growing geriactric population, who has the right to say it is your time to die. I understand the God-fearing people would say God, but we have machines and medications to keep you physically alive forever. However, being on 10 medications and unable to do pretty much anything for yourself does not sound like a good quality of life and this discounts those that cannot even sleep without their nightly ambien. Are these drugs and techniques to keep people alive helping those that are being treated, or are they only there to help the medical community feel good about themselves? 2) when is it good to quit? We have many cliches against quitting, but there is a point at which continuing your current path is a fool’s errand. So, when can you quit without compromising your integrit?

Answers to both of these questions escape me at this moment as I am still trying to decide my own ethical and moral compass.

Take care and there will be a new post next week

Tags:   #ethics #morals #medicine #healthcare #geriatrics #quality of life #quitting

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